Compare These Great Eye Exam Prices:


  • Regular Eye Exam (Weekdays Only)………..$40.00
  • Contact Lens Eye Exam (Weekdays Only)….$80.00


  • Regular Eye Exam……………………$60.00
  • Contact Lens Eye Exams…………..$120.00

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Eye Doctors: Ophthalmologists and Optometrists are Eye Doctors. How do you separate the two?

Ophthalmologists: Physicians (medical doctors) who offer complete vision care or eye care services.

Optometrists: Medical Professionals who offer vision care or eye care services to the public such as eye exams or eye tests, eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions, and other eye care or vision care associated services.

Optometrists in Offices at Mr. Specs Opticians

Available Optometrists

Dr. George W. Dyer received his Doctor of Optometry from Massachusetts College of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts in 1959.
Dr. Dyer started his Optometry career in 1959 at U.S.A.F. Hospital Maxwell, in Montgomery, Alabama. His top areas of expertise are in the general practice of Optometry, contact lenses, and contact lenses for astigmatism
Dr. Sandra White has degrees from Michigan State University and New England College of Optometry Dr. White has over 25 years of practice experience.

You can make an appointment with any optometrist located in our offices by calling 781-592-8419.  Eye exam appointments can be made for adults or children. Appointments are usually scheduled quickly and easily.

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